Leverage people data to create a workforce of the future

With business disruption having increased by 260% in the last five years, HR leaders have cited emerging tasks and responsibilities as the most disruptive change facing their workforce. Now, more than ever, organizations must build an agile workforce that can respond to any situation.

A live, guided workshop to empower you to:

Answer Questions in Real Time with BI
Use built-in reporting capabilities and dashboards, filter and drill into Big Data, easily create data visualizations and stories, and more
Build Comprehensive Understanding of Planning Models
Explore pre-built models and learn how to build planning models that reflect the business from a master data and calculation perspective
Delight Power Users with Next-Gen Planning Capabilities
Use spreading and distribution to apply top-down changes to lower levels of the hierarchy and calculate headcount demand using value driver trees

Hands-on exercises led by Analysis Prime and SAP experts:


Dan Cupersmith

VP Customer Solutions, Analysis Prime

Aaron Saldana

Sr. Solutions Advisor, Analysis Prime

Eric Smit


Chris Clay


Floyd Conrad


Jason Reid


Jon Teopaco


Tim Falbo


Tap into the power of people analytics

One cloud-based solution for planners every-where across your organization. Equip your enterprise with machine learning to draw intelligence from all data and display results in role-based dashboards. Leverage self-service scenario modeling and augmented
analytical capabilities to increase planning
accuracy and business agility and native processes to boost collaboration,contextual planning, and decision-making

Adjust headcount plan expense rates (salary, bonus,
benefits, etc.) as you see fit

Use SuccessFactors data and content to simplify planning

Visualize plan vs. actual data, drill down for trend
analysis & year-over-year

Leverage existing templates including variance reports, dashboard, & planning
process flow

Join us on October 5, 2022